Wednesday, April 18, 2012



General description of patch:  the dreaded "Half Square Triangle", which is neither a half square nor a triangle, is a basic element in many quilt designs.  There are several ways to make them.  I prefer starting from squares because they are easier to work with than triangles.

Cutting directions:  In order for Quilty Friends blocks to consistantly create secondary patterns,  I have created them to be symetrical.  The pattern is the same in each quadrant of the block.  Consequently the half square triangle patch, in the Quilty Friends context, always comes in sets of 4 and is always in the position of edge patch.  These directions are for 4 patches.
  • Cut 2 light 5 1/4" squares
  • Cut  2 dark 5 1/4" squares. 
Piecing directions:
  • Draw one diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of each 5 1/4" square of background fabric. (You should have 2)
  • With right sides together, sew background squares to coordinating squares just shy of 1/4" from the line on both sides of the line. This will result in a square of fabric with two parallel lines of stitching about 1/2" apart running diagonally across the square.
  • Cut along the drawn line creating 2 triangle shaped pieces from each square.
  • Being careful not to warp the triangles, open the triangles and iron seams toward the darker fabric.
  • Trim squares to 4 1/2" inches.