Monday, January 23, 2012

QF House Block

General Description:  This block is made of two fabrics with high contrast.  The finished element resembles a house, or a very fat flying goose.

Cutting Directions:  for one block - 3 pieces
  • White - cut 1, 4 1/2" square
  • Green - cut 2, 2 1/2" squares
Piecing Directions:
  • Draw a line, diagonally on the wrong side of each 2 1/2" square
  • Align a 2 1/2" square with a corner of the 4 1/2" square with rights sides together and the drawn line parallel to the corner.
  • Sew next to the line.  Place your stitches just to the corner edge of the line.  I used the presser foot as a guide and let the line go under the metal right at the edge of the sewing area.
  • Fold 2 1/2" square back so piece is a 4 1/2"  square with one colored corner.  There should be three pieces of fabric meeting in one corner.
  • Iron toward corner.
  • Do this a second time on an adjacent corner.
  • Leaving a 1/4" seam allowance, trim excess fabric from the back.

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